About Us

Cape Cod Skin Care® was created in the admiration to Jean’s Aunt. A woman that taught many grace, compassion and tolerance as she faced the challenges associated with cerebral palsy. Jean has chosen the Mermaid for the logo, a symbol that represents the essence of her Aunt. Mermaids are the feminine energy of beauty, grace and allure. “Its beauty is rivaled, by nothing but the human embodiment of itself”

Since 1998, Cape Cod Skin Care has sought out the most innovative treatments and researched extensively to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness. Our mission is to make you and your skin look the very best by personalized treatments and services. Our highly trained staff are passionate in helping others achieve beautiful healthy skin!

We address all skin care concerns for both men and women, from pre-mature aging, sun damage, acne, pigmentation and much more!

The results will speak for themselves!

Jean M Neves – President

  Jean knew at a very young age that she wanted to help people with their appearance. As a young adult struggling with her own appearance, she fell in love with the expressive art of makeup and how it could make women feel beautiful. Finally, she discovered an occupation that would combine her love for art and a desire to help people feel better about themselves. This experience set her on a path that eventually led to create a beautiful, comfortable environment where clients could come to receive the most effective treatments. Hence Cape Cod Skin Care was opened in 1998 .

Jean attended the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics in Medford, MA and was the first student to receive all five Outstanding Achievement Awards. She continued to study makeup under Marvin Westmore and later developed her own private makeup line.

Jean’s, a Licensed Esthetician since 1995 and a certified Laser / IPL Technician since 1998, her career has encompassed all aspects of the esthetic industry from providing services, training, teaching, inside/outside sales of products and equipment as well as a northeast distributor for an international skin care manufacturer. Numerous preceptorships and advanced training programs around the USA and Canada with some of the leading luminaries in plastic surgery and dermatology  has provided Jean with an excellent educational background in the field of “medical-esthetics”.

 JEAN’S SPECIALTIES: *Non Ablative Laser Treatments  *Laser Hair Removal  *Chemical Peels  *Microdermabrasion  *Microneedling  *Skin Classic  *Photo Facials *Radio Frequency  *TAMA Microcurrent  *Acne

A native Cape Codder, Jean calls her 25 years in the aesthetic field her “little miracle“. Jean is a fellow member of the ASLMS, AMSPA and numerous other organizations.

Jean Neves is the proud mother of Jared, daughter-in-law Amy and grandmother to their two beautiful boys, Brian and Benjamin!

Tina McCaffrey – Licensed Esthetician



Tina McCaffrey is a pioneer in the field of integrative aesthetics and owns a Holistic Day Spa. She has over 20 years of experience as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Integrative Functional Nutrition Practitioner, License Cosmetologist, Corneotherapist and Laser Technician. Her educational background includes Aromatherapy, Oncology Beauty Consultant, Massage Therapy, Reiki and Shamballa Therapist.

Creating a place of healing and self-care has been a life-long passion for me. I was always fascinated by studying health and skincare for as long as I can remember.

My in-depth consultation and health history analysis sets me apart.  I truly enjoy the on-going relationship with all my clients. I make sure to know what they are using and how their skin is responding at every stage. From hormonal imbalances to major dietary overhaul, I continuously support and guide you towards finding your best skin health. I do this by giving you the power to be the expert on your own skin. Education is a big part of our process.”

As both an Integrative Health Coach AND Dermal Therapist with a Functional Medicine approach to skincare, I bring a unique, experienced and highly effective set of real solutions that encompass your entire being!  I am a great believer in functional skincare and my mission is to help you on your journey to achieve health and wellness, as well as a vibrant appearance.

Tina grew up across from a dairy farm and her ancestors were farmers. You could say the choice to study nutrition came naturally from her early education on the importance of agriculture and “farm to table”!

Tricia Shediac – Licensed Esthetician




Tricia has been a licensed esthetician working in the beauty industry for 25 years, as the owner of Faces Plus Skin care in Wakefield, Ma. She was trained at Catherine Hinds Institute and furthered her education in Utah, New Orleans Florida and New York. She continues her advanced education in order to provide the most recent industry solutions and technology to her clients. Tricia is licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology and is a Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals. She has certification in TAMA Micro Current, Dermaplanning, Hydro Facials and Dermasound Facials.

“It is my passion to make everyone feel beautiful in their skin” ” I believe in a holistic approach to skincare, utilizing the very finest skincare science to restore, enhance and protect your natural beauty”


Donna Kelleher-Yassen – RN, MSN, FNP-C, CDE, MEP

  Donna is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in medical aesthetics and serves as an adjunct clinical instructor for Aesthetic School Institute. She is a highly-skilled cosmetic injector expert with a warm and caring bedside manner and an eye for beauty and natural outcomes.

Donna states ‘it’s about assessing the top, mid, and lower thirds of the face and creating a harmonious look. Her thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, caring nature, and clinical training and expertise in cosmetic injections allows her to achieve beautiful non-surgical results for our clients in a safe, comfortable setting. After decades spent in a critical care setting as well as her role as clinical educator, she realizes the importance that your appearance takes on your sense of well-being.

Donna’s philosophy that wellness is beauty, is evidence of her commitment to educating her clientele on the role of a healthy lifestyle, preventative approach to well-being and aesthetics plays in achieving a more fulfilling life.

She is passionate about healthy lifestyles, a holistic approach to wellness education, medical aesthetics and empowering clients to make educated decisions about their health, body and physical appearance. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family.

Known for her expertise in delivering the most natural-appearing results makes her a very coveted appointment to land!