Viktoria DeAnn

Peptides are natural biological messages, produced by the body, that communicate necessary tasks to perform. Each peptide, or message, is composed of a specific order of amino acids (the same building blocks of protein). There are many different amino acids and therefore millions of different combinations or messages that can be made out of them. It is best to think of amino acids like the English alphabet. Alone the letters (amino acids) are just letters, but once you start combining them in a specific combination, they become words, and then words become whole sentences (peptides) which can then communicate an exact message. Peptides are your body’s language and communication network.  Some of those messages can promote healthy skin through initiating collagen production or another message to relax facial muscle.  Renews skin, helps with pigmentation, wrinkles, tones and lifts. The results are amazing!

I cannot stress enough how this product line can change your face. It can take 10 or 15 years off.  I am a believer

Pepti Eye Serum is the best in the world for wrinkles and crows feet.
Pepti Lift  
lifts the face
Pepti Tone  tones the face and helps with flaccid skin
Pepti Elastin
 for more lift and saggy jowls.
Pepti Hyaluronic  for wrinkles (face, mouth) and helps your body build its own hyaluronic acid.
Pepti Pad  to fill in the natural fat pad areas that you have lost in your face. Wrinkled mouth, hollow eyes.
Pepti Pro Col  for disorganized Collagen.  Helps repair, anti-aging, helps with acne also.
Pepti Acne  helps quiet acne and bacteria.
Pepti Repair  helps to repair and restructure damaged skin, works well with Pepti Acne or any Viktoria DeAnn product.