Excel V+ Laser Technology

What makes the excel V+ better than other lasers?

The excel V+ is the first laser to feature a micro-pulsed energy delivery system that’s so precise and powerful that it can break apart the pigment in the deepest lesions without affecting your surrounding, healthy skin.

If you’re ready for clear skin again — free of visible veins, hyperpigmentation, unwanted hair, and scars — the groundbreaking excel V+ by Cutera® makes it happen. The excel V+ is the latest generation of high-powered, precise, dual-wavelength lasers, and Cape Cod Skin Care is the first practice on the Cape to offer this advanced laser therapy.

Vascular and Pigmentation Laser Treatments

Excel V+ is the latest generation laser technology for vascular and pigmentation treatments. With design input from leading dermatologists, excel V+ delivers the power, precision, and performance to safely and effectively treat indications from challenging vascular and pigmentary conditions to today’s most common skin concerns. Raising the standard of care with unsurpassed power, precision, and performance.


As we age, we start to notice the cumulative effects of sun damage. These include various types of pigment, tone and textural issues. Unwanted freckles and age spots can cause the skin to appear dull, uneven and aged.

Discrete pigmented lesions, whether freckles, lentigines or age spots, require individualized treatment options. Before treatment, we’ll discuss your specific treatment options with you. 


Generally, patients achieve the best results over the course of four to six treatments. Gradually, you will see how Excel V+ helps restore your skin’s youthful glow and appearance. The treatments smooth out uneven skin texture caused by aging, sun damage or scars.

If you have large pores, they will be reduced in size, and other minor imperfections will be corrected. Although each treatment will produce rather subtle results, each treatment will build on the previous improvements to create a dramatic overall effect.