What are peptides?

Peptides are natural biological messengers, produced by the body, in order to communicate necessary tasks to be performed.  Peptides are your body’s language and communication network.  Each peptide, or message, is composed of a specific order of amino acids (the same building blocks of protein).  There are many different amino acids and therefore millions of different combinations or messages that can be made out of them.  Think of them like the alphabet…alone the letters (amino acids) are just letters, but once you start combining them in a specific combination, they become words, right?  Then words turn into whole sentences (peptides) which can then communicate an exact message.  Some of those messages can promote healthy skin through initiating collagen production or another message to relax facial muscle contracts to help soften wrinkles.

Peptides produce biological responses beneficial to the skin. Unlike topical moisturizers, peptides target the growth (dermal) areas of the skin.  As these cells mature they produce a change on the outer layers of the skin (epidermis).  With many peptides, results can be cumulative when working with the living cells of the dermis.  This means one can receive a treatment, see the superior results, and then benefit from them each use thereafter.

When will you see results from using peptides?

Peptides go to work immediately within the skin so with many peptides, results are visible within minutes.  This is especially the case when concentrated peptide products are combined with professional treatments, such as micro needling or micro current.  Over time, results are cumulative and become even more dramatic.

Are results permanent with peptides?

When working with the natural process of the human body, nothing is permanent.  The purpose of using peptides is to re-message the signals once present when you were young and every system was working properly. When using peptides you are sending signals to skin to function again at the proper rate.  As these signals are received, your skin progresses towards youthful skin as you gracefully age.  This healthy skin is visibly noted by a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin glow and natural moisture and improved skin texture, firmness and smoothness.  When you stop sending these messages the systems start to return to the starting point and you begin to age at the same rate in which you had been.

~Information supplied by Viktoria De Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals