EndyMed™ 3DEEP

EndyMed™ 3DEEP is an FDA-cleared radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment, which has the potential to noticeably and instantly strengthen your skin.      The EndyMed™ 3DEEP treatment is a quick, painless way to tighten your skin and reverse signs of aging.

What is EndyMed™ 3DEEP?

EndyMed™ 3DEEP technology penetrates the deeper layers of your skin to promote collagen production while lowering the side effects and risks associated with other RF laser treatments. 3DEEP doesn’t harm the surface layer of your skin and surrounding tissues. Unlike other RF options, EndyMed™ 3DEEP uses multiple energy sources to achieve deeper skin penetration and stimulate collagen fibers in the dermis and hypodermis. The RF energy directed into the skin heats collagen fibers to produce instant skin tightening and encourages collagen production.


This skin tightening treatment is a perfect lunchtime procedure, as you can return to work immediately without redness, swelling and other common laser side effects. 3DEEP results can be seen right after your treatment, but your skin will continue to improve for several months. Repeated treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired results.

How Does EndyMed™ 3DEEP Work?

3DEEP technology uses a variety of electrodes and a complicated algorithm to control the energy current passed between electrode pairs. These electrical fields repel each other, directing phase-controlled energy into the deeper layer of your skin using an optimal energy combination. The repelling nature of the electrode’s forces energy into the targeted area and reduces the amount of stress on the skin’s surface layer, which in turn, gets rid of the need for cooling during treatment.

What is Collagen?

Many laser RF treatments focus on a natural protein fiber in your body called collagen. Collagen is one of the main structural proteins in your body responsible for youthful skin. Unfortunately, collagen production typically slows down as you age, which could begin as young as 25. Although, the age varies per person and largely depends on how well you care for your skin.

EndyMed™ 3DEEP has the ability to reach far under your skin and produce immediate skin tightening through collagen stimulation. These results will keep improving as your body continues to produce increased, balanced levels of collagen.

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