Hydra Refiner Aqua Facial

The Hydra Refiner is an innovative non-ablative facial rejuvenation technology.  In clinical studies performed by leading U.S. doctors, the technology was shown to provide better results than many other forms of rejuvenation. Abrasive Aqua tips exfoliate with the power of water and extracts impurities at the same time, dead cells are vacuumed away.

The hydra Microdermabrasion, also called Wet Microdermabrasion or Water Microdermabrasion, is the same process of exfoliation. However, instead of crystals hitting the skin with pressure, the machine uses a diamond head tip that exfoliates as the tip across the skin. The machine also uses special serums that are being pushed into the deeper layers of the skin while the exfoliation process is going on.

So patients will experience both suction, exfoliation, and wetness from the serums. The skin will feel hydrated with less redness and irritation, while traditional microdermabrasion often leave skin redness and dry after treatment. The technician is able to choose specific serums that address Acne, Hyperpigmentation, and Anti aging or hydration, while other dermabrasion methods cannot achieve.

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